Schill talks Sox on ESPN Boston Radio

May, 6, 2011
Former Red Sox pitcher and baseball analyst Curt Schilling was on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones on Friday afternoon (as he is every Friday) to talk about the struggles of John Lackey and Carl Crawford and where he thinks this Red Sox team ranks in the East.

* On Lackey’s terrible outing Thursday: “I used to always say there were five games where no one’s going to touch me and I’m going to be dominant and there will be five games where I have to use every trick in my book to get through the fifth and then there’s going to be the rest. Yesterday was one of those games where he didn’t have it and he couldn’t find a way to make it work when he didn’t have it.”

* On where the 14-17 Red Sox stand in the AL East: “I still believe they are the team to beat in this division ... it’s going to be real interesting to see how this next month goes for them.”

* On Carl Crawford’s struggles his first month in Boston: “It’s getting to the point where offensively he’s digging such a large hole that he’s going to have to go on an extraordinary run just to have an average season.”

Click HERE to listen to the interview.



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