Schilling: Red Sox-Yankees takes a toll

May, 13, 2011
PM ET analyst Curt Schilling was on ESPN Boston Radio with Adam Jones on Friday afternoon to preview this weekend’s Red Sox-Yankees series.
As a former player and participant in the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, Schilling discussed the toll such an intense series usually has on the teams.

“The atmosphere is very energetic and very charged for these series, but it’s an excruciatingly taxing series as well,” Schilling said. “The Red Sox had a day off yesterday, but I’ll tell you to a man they’re going to be wishing that off day was on Monday.”

He continued a little later in the interview ...

“This is a three-game series that can cost you a week to two weeks’ worth of games afterwards. You’ve got two offenses that are staggeringly deep. You don’t want one of these games to get out of hand to where Nick Swisher is pitching the ninth inning. You don’t want your bullpen to walk out of this series and need seven days of rest to recover.

“These are two lineups that can get into your bullpen in the third inning and run the bullpen ragged. There’s going to be a guy on each team that’s kind of the ‘take the bullet’ guy. If something happens to one of these starters, you’re going to see a guy out of the bullpen throwing five or six innings just because their bullpens are going to be maximized over the next 72 hours.”

Listen to the full Schilling interview HERE.



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