Olney on trade talk, Lackey's reactions

July, 17, 2011
ESPN.com's Buster Olney touches on a couple of Red Sox topics in his Sunday blog entry (Insider content).

Olney says the Sox will probably give Josh Reddick and their other outfielders seven to 10 days before deciding whether to make a trade.

"Josh Willingham is among the best of the current available veterans," Olney writes, "but for Boston, he would probably have to play right field, which is not a good fit. Ryan Ludwick could play right field, as could Jeff Francoeur, although there is a perception among interested teams that the Royals are inclined to keep Francoeur."

Olney also comments on the demonstrative actions of John Lackey during his start on Saturday. Lackey threw his hands up twice in the first inning after mistakes by shortstop Marco Scutaro and barked at manager Terry Francona when Francona pulled Lackey from the game with two outs in the sixth inning.

"The rest of the Red Sox position players deserve some kind of award for not reacting to Lackey's body language, which is the worst I've ever seen in a starting pitcher," Olney writes. "Can you imagine how a pitcher would respond if an outfielder threw his hands up in disgust while watching a home run ball soar over his head, after Lackey hung a breaking ball?

"Really, it's something that Lackey should strive to change, and if he doesn't, the Red Sox position players should all make a pact to physically react to every mistake Lackey makes on the mound."



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