Video: Stark on AL East trade possibilities

July, 25, 2011

In the video above, Jayson Stark talks about potential moves by Red Sox, Yankees and Rays as the MLB trade deadline approaches.

Stark describes the Red Sox as exploring everything, but they don’t feel like they need to do anything. He says with the uncertainty around the health of Clay Buchholz (he’s supposed to throw off the mound tonight), the Sox would like the find a “difference-making” starting pitcher, but it’s not clear who that is. They’re intrigued by Rich Harden, but they’d like to do something bigger for someone they could control like Ubaldo Jimenez, but the price is probably too high for him. Same thing on the bat market – they’d like to find a right-hand hitting outfielder, but nobody really fits what they’re looking for. Stark thinks the Sox will just lurk all week and hope that someone pops up that fits what they’re looking for.

Yankees: They’re in a similar spot as the Sox. They’re probably looking for a top of the rotation pitcher, but they can’t find one on the market. In a mode sort of like the Red Sox, where they’re just waiting to see who might be available.

Rays: Stark says the Rays aren’t sure where they are in terms of being a buyer or a seller. They’re probably not going to trade James Shields, but they’re still undecided on some other players like Johnny Damon, B.J. Upton.



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