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November, 25, 2009

The Red Sox have been known to do business on Thanksgiving. Theo Epstein and his assistant Jed Hoyer had T-Day dinner with the Schillings to close a deal for the Big Schill in the winter of 2003, and two years later, the Sox sealed another big deal, this one for Josh Beckett, on Thanksgiving night.

So it was an attention grabber this morning when a report appeared in the New York Daily News saying the Sox are aggressively trying to make a trade for Roy Halladay, and were hoping to cinch a deal before the winter meetings, which begin a week from Monday in Indianapolis.

The new element in that story was the timetable, the notion that something could happen, and happen quickly. It's a given the Red Sox interest in Halladay has diminished little since they offered a variety of packages for the Blue Jays ace last summer, all of which were rejected by then-GM J.P. Ricciardi.

But according to a club source, there is "nothing" to the timing and urgency suggested by the News story. Could something happen by the winter meetings? Sure, and obviously the Red Sox -- and any other team with interest in Halladay -- would love to make a deal sooner than later. But realistically, there would seem to be scant incentive for new Toronto general manager Alex Anthopoulos to jump at the first good offer, not when the Phillies, Angels, Yankees, and others all want to be heard from. The consensus among baseball people is that Anthopoulos gets the deal he wants this winter, and if not, he waits until the trading deadline in July. The Red Sox continue to make it known to the Jays how interested they are, but full-court press? For that, you have to watch the Celtics.

Report: Sox aggressively after Halladay

Edes: Sox will have competition for Halladay

Gordon Edes

ESPN Staff Writer



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