Video: Kurkjian thinks Sox will hold on

September, 22, 2011

ESPN The Magazine's Tim Kurkjian thinks the reeling Red Sox will hold on to make the playoffs, but is stunned they are playing so poorly.

"It is really hard to lose a lead like that (2 1/2 games) with so few games to play (6). But even if they do make the playoffs, people are not going to forget this collapse, which has been historic in a way. They've lost 16 put of 21 here in September. This isn't the '64 Phillies but I'm not sure I remember a team that's supposed to be this good playing this poorly down the stretch.

"Granted they've had a whole bunch of injuries to their starting pitching and it's very difficult to win that way. This whole thing I just shake my head and wonder how in the world does this happen in the month of September."



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