Schilling: Firing Tito isn't the answer

September, 29, 2011
ESPN Boston baseball analyst, and former Sox pitcher, Curt Schilling was on Boston sports radio station WEEI on Thursday morning to give his take on the collapse of the Red Sox.

When the topic of the blame game came up, Schilling again put the onus for way September went for the Sox on the players, and not the manager, even though Terry Francona is inevitably going to take some heat.

Schilling was adamant about his belief that Francona should not be fired for the way the season ended.

“I guarantee you he did as much as a manager can do there,” Schilling said. “You’re going to have the same team next year. I promise you, for whatever it’s worth, there’s not a guy in that clubhouse that doesn’t swear by this guy, doesn’t want to do everything he can do to win for this guy. You’re not going to get them to play harder, more passionate, more fiercely for anybody other than the guy that’s managing g right now. He’s a guy that’s always gotten the most out of his players that want to win. … a managerial change is not going to fix this club.”

Schilling also said he didn’t think general manager Theo Epstein would be back with the club next season.

“I don’t think Theo is going to come back,” Schilling said. “There is going to have to be some out of the boi thinking because you are so hamstrung with this roster. You could argue that the two guys you’re potentially losing -- David Ortiz and Jonathan Papelbon -- you need them back. You’ve already got enough questions without those guys leaving.”

Listen to the full interview HERE.



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