Ortiz: 'I'm fine with Tito'

Reached via phone, David Ortiz talked Friday on rumblings that Terry Francona has managed his last game in a Red Sox uniform.

“I’m fine with Tito,” Ortiz said. “I worry about playing baseball more than anything else. I know we have some players that (the organization thought were) worried about some other s--- and sometimes there were certain things that no one in the clubhouse can control. I was trying and I have no issues. My only problem was when I started being benched (in 2010) and that was my only issue with Tito. Other than that we’re cool.”

* Ortiz on reports that Francona will be out:

“I am surprised,” he said. “I’m surprised because I’m hearing things right now (in the news) that I didn’t know were going on.”

* Ortiz on whether Francona's future will affect his desire to re-sign in Boston:

“Not at all,” he said. “That’s one thing I can’t really control, who the manager’s going to be. That’s not on me.”