Henry surfaces with a tweet, and a dodge

October, 4, 2011
BOSTON -- Red Sox majority owner John W. Henry, who has not spoken publicly about the Red Sox collapse or their parting with manager Terry Francona, came out of seclusion Tuesday night -- on Twitter.

Henry did not address the most pressing question of the night, whether the Chicago Cubs had asked permission to interview general manager Theo Epstein, as reported by Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe (Sox CEO Larry Lucchino, reached by phone Tuesday night, said he had no comment).

Instead, Henry limited his baseball-related tweets primarily to the search for a new manager.

"Another productive day this week at Fenway,'' said the tweet from @John_W_Henry. "Tom (Werner), Larry and I were briefed by Theo and Ben (Cherington) on the managerial search. Due diligence this week.''

Then, in a follow-up tweet:

"Calls and maybe interviews next week. Excited to once again bring in smart, creative, hands-on leadership. We have the right people looking."

And, finally:

"We got the manager’s search right eight years ago with Tito and (Joe) Maddon as finalists. We’ll secure a great manager this time as well.''

Henry also joked about his fall on his yacht last Friday, a short time before the Sox held press conferences after issuing statements that Francona's two-year option would not be exercised.

"Thanks to all of the well-wishers. I'm fine. But it makes one appreciate health. Rushing downstairs is dangerous for an old guy."

Explaining the accident, he tweeted: "I just ended up in the hospital trying to get to a press conference. I've always preferred talking with fans.''

It was 31 minutes from the time he issued his first tweet until the last, and then Henry went silent. Maybe he'll be back. He hadn't been heard from for weeks, except for two tweets on the night after the Sox were eliminated, one congratulating the Tampa Bay Rays, the other offering his impressionistic view of the aftermath:

"A very quiet day in Boston after a terrible, terrible month for the fans. Night after night they came, they tuned in. Rain, quiet streets.''

Gordon Edes

ESPN Staff Writer



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