Would you be sad to see Theo go?

October, 5, 2011
With news of the Cubs asking permission to speak with Theo Epstein breaking last night, one might expect the Nation to be in woe-is-me mode at the possibility of the golden boy GM leaving town.

But we're starting to sense there's a growing segment of Red Sox fans who would be happy to see Theo walk out the door, particularly if it meant that a Cubs prospect would be headed Boston's way in return.

Are we off in that assessment? We asked for your responses on Twitter and Facebook and what we got back surprised us. Of the dozens of fans who replied, most expressed frustration at Theo's recent free-agent decisions and indicated they thought it was time for fresh ideas on the personnel side (one example below).

Where do you stand? Vote in the accompanying poll, post a comment on this blog post or share your thoughts with us via Twitter or Facebook.



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