Video: In defense of Lester

October, 18, 2011

On Tuesday's edition of Outside The Lines,'s Gordon Edes debated the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy on interpreting Jon Lester's comments to various media outlets, including and the Globe.

Shaughnessy's take was that Lester was steering some of the blame to former manager Terry Francona. Here's an excerpt from his column on the subject:

In addition to admitting the beer/chicken report, Lester gave up something that reflects poorly on the managerial reign of Terry Francona.

“People knew how Tito was and we pushed the envelope with it,’’ said Lester. “We never had rules; we never had that iron-fist mentality.’’

Wow. Francona’s still got steel-belted radial tracks on his backside from last week’s Bob Hohler opus, and now one of his trusted warriors has tossed him under the Fenway Fung Wah.

No doubt Lester is speaking the truth, but it’s astonishing to have this come from a young man Francona embraced and protected like a son.

Edes didn't agree with Shaughnessy's take that Lester was throwing Francona under the bus:

"Terry Francona on his way out said some of the same things, that his voice wasn't getting through to the players, and I think Lester was just trying to underscore that," Edes said on OTL. "He had tremendous respect and regard for Terry Francona, but in the end there seemed to be a disconnect between the manager and some of the players he had relied on in the past to police that clubhouse."



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