Edes: Three Bobby V storylines to watch

November, 30, 2011

ESPNBoston.com's Gordon Edes was on SportsCenter this morning to give his take on what the Bobby Valentine hiring means on a number of different front. Here are three of the most interesting tidbits of analysis.

* Edes on how Valentine changes the Sox narrative:

"The Red Sox have never been about star managers. They have one now in Bobby Valentine. To me he instantly changes the narrative about this team. ... The narrative now shifts from the beer-and-chicken collapse of September to what impact Bobby Valentine will have on a team that may have gotten too comfortable under Terry Francona."

* Edes on Ben Cherington's challenging situation:

"What we have here is a situation with Theo Epstein having left and gone to the Chicago Cubs, that cleared the way for Larry Lucchino, the CEO of the Red Sox, to become a more forceful voice again in baseball operations. It's very premature to say that there's a rift between Ben Cherington and Lucchino. Do I think Bobby Valentine was Cherington's first choice? Absolutely not. Do I think that Cherington may have been won over to the fact that Valentine might be the right guy at this time for this ballclub? Yes I do. Cherington is in an interesting spot, in between a very forceful boss (Lucchino) and a guy underneath him who's a force of nature in Bobby Valentine."

* Edes on how Valentine will change the clubhouse dynamic:

"I think Bobby Valentine is going to demand a different level of public accountability from his players. He's never been afraid to call out players, his general manager, his owners, members of the media. To me it's very striking that Steve Phillips, the GM with whom he clashed in New York, is now saying he thinks Bobby Valentine is a great fit for the Red Sox."



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