Henry: 'Misunderstanding' with Ricketts

February, 25, 2012
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Red Sox majority owner John W. Henry contended Saturday that a "misunderstanding" between he and Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts in their first conversation led to the months-long negotiations to determine compensation for Theo Epstein.

"I think there was a basic misunderstanding between Tom Ricketts and I when we first spoke about it,'' Henry said Saturday. "I really admire Tom Ricketts as an owner. He's one of the best owners in baseball. [The Cubs are] a great organization. We probably had a misunderstanding, at least as far as expectations. There was no real agreement. There was just--the best way to explain it is we probably had different expectations based on our first conversation as to what would transpire.''

The Red Sox and Cubs both submitted written arguments to baseball commissioner Bud Selig, but the teams ultimately reached an agreement without Selig making a ruling. The Red Sox received relief pitcher Chris Carpenter as compensation, while each team will receive another player to be named later. Those players are expected to be exchanged by mid-April.

"Given the amount of time that was spent on it, I think it probably was the appropriate result,'' Henry said.

The Red Sox had maintained the position that they thought they deserved "significant compensation" for Epstein. Did Carpenter fall short of that goal?

"We have a saying at the Red Sox: All’s well that ends. Period,'' CEO Larry Lucchino said. "That’s our view about this thing. Let’s move on. Next issue.''

Gordon Edes

ESPN Staff Writer



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