Video: Time to panic yet?

April, 12, 2012

Is it panic time in Boston yet? That's the question some are asking after the Red Sox dropped to 1-5 with their loss to the Blue Jays on Wednesday.

BBTN's Mark Mulder says there's nothing to worry about just yet.

"They've been on the road, they're coming back home -- coming back home gives you confidence," he said. "And when confidence starts to happen, you can snowball and you can start to win a handful of games in a row."

Mulder says it's important for the team's offense to get going soon, especially the heart of the order.

"They've really struggled. Youkilis looks a lot different this year. He's really struggling," said Mulder. "Ellsbury's been pitched really tough so far, and has been struggling also."

Meanwhile, ESPN's Tim Kurkjian says Boston's rough start is indeed concerning -- and more so than last year's 0-6 debut.

"There are a couple things," he said. "First off, Carl Crawford is not healthy, and even when he comes back there's no telling what he's going to be like.

"Kevin Youkilis just doesn't look right to a lot of people that I've talked to," he added. "They're really counting on him to have a big year.

"Plus, last year at this time they had a really good closer in Jonathan Papelbon. And right now, they're not sure what they're doing at the end of the game."

To hear more from Kurkjian on the Red Sox, CLICK HERE.



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