Schill's reaction to Bobby V-Youk flap

April, 16, 2012
ESPN baseball analyst and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling on Monday reacted to Bobby Valentine questioning Kevin Youkilis’ commitment (and then apologizing a day later), saying it’s just another example of why he’s leery about the Bobby V Experiment in Boston.

Schill called Youk, with whom he played from 2004-07, “probably one of the hardest-working guys” in baseball.

“He’s gotten everything he’s gotten through sheer will power, force and work,” Schilling said Monday on The Herd on ESPN Radio (listen to the podcast HERE). “To comment in any way that calls into question his commitment is troublesome to hear.”

Schilling pointed to Dustin Pedroia’s adamant defense of Youkilis as evidence that Valentine’s comments shifted the focus off the field, to the detriment of a team that was on a roll.

“(Pedroia’s reaction), to me, is probably as revealing an insight into that as anything,” Schilling explained. “People have scripted this out to be me as anti-Bobby. I’m not rooting against anybody. I give you my opinion, I talk about how I feel about things that are done.

“I feel that this was blundered in an epic way, especially in this market. They’re coming off a couple of days of playing great baseball. … This is the problem. You watch the postgame press conference. No matter what happens in this game today, all of the questions are going to be about this.”



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