Valentine: I'm learning, adapting

April, 19, 2012

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine heard the boos Wednesday night when he walked to the mound to retrieve Franklin Morales, but he insists they didn't bother him.

"Not at all," he said.

During his weekly appearance on the Michael Kay Show, Valentine talked about his team's continuing struggles and admitted some of his decisions have backfired, but that there's no reason for Boston fans to panic.

"I don't think they're panicking," he said, adding that "tens of thousands of fans" visited Fenway Park on Thursday during the team's off day as the Red Sox prepare for Fenway's 100th anniversary celebration on Friday. "Didn't see any panic in their eyes," he said.

As he's done all week, Valentine downplayed any issues he's had with Kevin Youkilis and suggested that his comments were taken out of context. He said that the issue is behind them, and that Youkilis "is a man's man. No one works harder than Kevin Youkilis. No one tries harder than he does. ... I've been pulling for him to be his best as I do with all my players, and I think he gets that."

Valentine admitted that while the team is a work in progress, he is also learning and adjusting each day -- to both his job and to the media pressures of managing in Boston.

"I'm trying to adjust and adapt to a very new situation," he said.

Regarding his team's 4-8 start, Valentine admitted he "might have made a wrong move or two" and that the Sox have had some tough breaks. Regarding his ill-fated decision to leave lefty Franklin Morales in the game Wednesday night to face two right-handed hitters, Valentine said he was "trying to build Franklin's confidence, let him know he has been perfect so far against right-handers and left-handers, and I wanted to let him know he's going to be put in that situations many times, and I believe it him."

To hear Michael Kay's full interview with Valentine, CLICK HERE.



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