Edes puts Sox mess in perspective

April, 23, 2012

ESPNBoston.com's Gordon Edes was on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio on Monday morning to discuss the Red Sox's horrific weekend (listen to the interview HERE). Among his thoughts:

* Edes on Bobby Valentine saying he was in a slump as a manager:

"Saturday's loss makes anyone's short list of worst Red Sox losses ever, particularly given it was the Yankees. To get a sense of just how bad it was, Bobby Valentine told one interviewer it was the worst week of his baseball life. And you're talking about a guy who's been in the game for over 40 years. That tells you something.

"It's a mess. In any sport, have you ever heard a coach or manager say that he’s in a slump? That's what Bobby Valentine said, 'Managers go in slumps.' I have never heard that. If I'm a player on a 4-10 team I'm not sure I want to hear my manager saying that. I want to hear 'I'm gonna help you guys get out of your slumps.' I don't want to hear my manager say he's in a slump."

* Edes puts the team's 4-10 start, 5-game losing streak, and 11-30 mark since the start of last September in perspective:

"Bobby Valentine has become an obvious lightning rod for the fans' disenchantment. This goes back to last year. We're talking about a 40-game stretch in which this team has played brutal baseball. ...

"Who would have ever thought that 14 games into the season we'd be hearing the general manager asked questions, 'Are you satisfied with your manager's performance?' He responded 'very satisfied.' I don't think Bobby is in any jeopardy here, but it's a pretty good barometer of what the mood is here."

* Edes reminds us that we shouldn't point our fingers just at Valentine. Injuries are a big part of this:

"Let's face it, Valentine loses his closer Andrew Bailey before the season even starts. Mark Melancon, the guy that he thought was going to be the setup man, is already down in the minor leagues. He loses his all-star center fielder, MVP runner-up Jacoby Ellsbury to injury. Carl Crawford hasn't even played yet. There have been a lot of things out of Bobby's control.

"Essentially he's been left with a bullpen that has performed like a bunch of mop-up guys. Worst ERA in the major leagues. The whole staff has the worst ERA in the major leagues."

* ESPN analyst -- and former Red Sox manager -- Terry Francona echoed that assessment on Baseball Tonight on Sunday night:

"They're in a bind. A lot of their payroll isn't on the field right now and that's difficult. As far as the Bobby thing goes, we've all been there. They are going to boo the manager. In 2004, 2 months into my new job (as Red Sox manager), I thought my name was 'You Suck,' because that's all I ever heard. Every time I left the dugout, that's what I heard. It'll change. When they win 4 or 5 in a row, Bobby will become a lot smarter."



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