Red Sox react to Beane's passing

May, 9, 2012
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Reaction from the Red Sox on the passing of Fenway Park public address announcer Carl Beane, who died Wednesday in a car accident:

David Ortiz: “His voice was pretty unique. I’m pretty sure everybody is going to remember that forever.

“It’s something that’s unexpected. It doesn’t matter if you get to know the person or not, it always hits you. It’s a tough situation where there’s no tomorrow. One way or another, all of us get to be a family. You guys as a reporter, us as a player, him as an announcer -- everybody gets to be a family member here. And once things like that go down, you hurt. You hurt. My prayers going out to his family.

“His voice is very unique. It was something we all got used to. I’ve been here for 10 years, and I don’t remember hearing any other voice than him calling my name when I go to hit.”

Radio announcer Joe Castiglione: “Carl was a great guy, and I’ve known him for probably 30 years. I came to Boston and he was covering the clubhouses for radio stations out in western Mass. We were all thrilled for him when he got the PA job, and I don’t think anybody loved it more. He really relished that job. It was part of his persona. He was just so happy doing it. He’s going to be missed. He had his own style, and he was part of the culture and part of the fabric of Fenway Park.”

Manager Bobby Valentine: “Sad news. Very sad news. He came down and introduced himself last week to me, and he just started with ‘Hi, Bobby.’ He was on the side and I turned around and knew who he was. Then I put the name with the face.”

Carl Beane



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