Schill: 'Can't comprehend' Beckett reaction

May, 11, 2012

Current ESPN analyst and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling gave ESPN Boston Radio his two cents on the controversy surrounding Josh Beckett's defiant postgame comments last night and his decision to golf while nursing a sore lat (listen to the podcast HERE).

* Schilling’s reaction to Beckett’s “I spend my off days how I want to spend them” answer to a reporter questioning whether he should have been golfing:

“I’m speechless, given everything that’s happened. Given how last year ended. Given all the things going on this year, the passing of Carl Beane and everything. A fan base that cares as much about the Red Sox in some cases as much as they do life itself, I can’t comprehend any of the comments that came out of that postgame.

* Schilling said he doesn’t think Beckett would have golfed if he was actually injured:

“Let’s be clear. When I was healthy in Arizona, (Randy Johnson) and I golfed every day we didn’t pitch. For me it was a way to keep myself healthy. It was the best thing I could possibly do the day after I pitched to keep my body loose and my arms and my back stretched.

“But with a physical ailment, you never stepped on the course. You get paid a lot of money to throw a baseball and win baseball games. That’s always gotta be the focus. I don’t imagine if Beckett was hurt that he would have been golfing.”

* Schilling doesn’t think Beckett cares about how fans perceive him:

“It’s all in the messaging and the perception, especially here. Fans want you to care as much about winning as they do. And if you don’t they’re going to call you on it. He of all people has to know that. He clearly has his position and he doesn’t care what people think and that’s how he’s going to do this.”

* Schilling on how he remembers Beckett as a player. The two pitched together in 2006 and 2007:

“The Josh that I remember was always accountable when he pitched, or pitched poorly, and taking credit or blame for that. And getting himself ready for games and being in peak condition and all that stuff."

* Schilling on Beckett’s priorities:

"He’s making it clear to everybody that his priorities have changed and I don’t know what that means. … He’s said a couple times ‘(Baseball) is not the most important thing in my life’. He has a wife and new child and those are his priorities. I don’t know what that means as it relates to how he does his job. You’d have to ask him.”



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