Bobby V: Can't control players' free time

May, 11, 2012

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine was on ESPN Radio New York on Friday afternoon and discussed Josh Beckett’s now-infamous golf outing. Here are some highlights (listen to the podcast HERE):

* Is Valentine worried about the perception of Beckett golfing a day the team announced he would be scratched from a start with a sore lat?

“It doesn’t look good, but what a guy does on his off day if he’s not putting his career in jeopardy, not putting his team in jeopardy, and I’m sure Josh would never do anything that would result in those things, that’s what a man does in his free time. Especially if you’re a pitcher.”

* Does Valentine feel it’s his place to manage what Beckett says, which impacts how he’s perceived?

“I think I have to manage him on the field. The last thing you do is try to change someone’s personality. You try to change the direction of the curveball or the swing path or the way they chase fly balls, and it’s difficult enough to do that without trying to change personalities.”

* Did he confront Beckett about the golf outing?

“I don’t think that needs to be anybody’s business other than Josh and mine ...

“If a guy gets injured and does something to jeopardize his career on an off day I guess the team steps in there, but I don’t ever remember controlling and legislating what guys do on their free time. I’m afraid even the dictator Bobby Valentine has never stepped that far into someone’s personal life.”



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