More from Olney on Boston's issues

June, 18, 2012
In his Sunday blog post, ESPN Insider Buster Olney talked about issues that still remain in the Red Sox clubhouse. Today, he expanded on that thought, writing in part:

Anybody who has had a 30th birthday has been witness to troubled marriages. The frustration and exasperation of those involved is deeply felt, and because of the requirements of the union, there is little respite. They have to deal with each other every day.

And because everything that is said and done is viewed through the prism of that frustration and exasperation, the whole situation is refueled constantly. Stuff that really shouldn't be a big deal becomes a big deal, because of what happened before.

Which brings us to the 2012 Boston Red Sox.

The unhappiness that exists among the Boston players and staff is multi-layered and deep. Calls and texts and complaints about daily events and exchanges are being sprayed all over the baseball landscape, as some involved share their frustration with friends and family and agents. Some are already talking about looking for work elsewhere down the road.

There is frustration about how individual situations have been handled, about communication. For those aware of the problems, there is bad body language on display during games, as the anger manifests.

Click HERE to read the rest (Insider access required) of what Buster has to say about the Red Sox.



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