Bobby V discusses Youk and more

June, 29, 2012
Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said Friday that his relationship with Boston fan favorite Kevin Youkilis was a "work in progress."

Making his weekly appearance on ESPN New York's “The Michael Kay Show” on Friday, Valentine talked about the trade of Youkilis to the White Sox and touched on other topics, including whether Dewayne Wise should be suspended and if MLB should institute instant replay.

On the Youkilis trade: "Ben [Cherington] and the front office made decisions about going forward ... Kevin's been a great player for the Red Sox and he'll be a great player for the White Sox."

On his relationship with Youkilis: "It was a relationship, uh, that was a work in progress."

On whether that relationship spurred the trade: "I hope not. I don't really hear much about people getting traded because of ah, you know, a work in progress."

On third baseman Will Middlebrooks: "I think he's made of the right stuff mentally. He gets the game. It never gets going too fast for him. ... His talents are such that he's going to be a good defender, as the years go on -- or even weeks go on. He improves, I think, every day. He has very good plate discipline, he recognizes pitches early, he understands what pitchers are trying to do to him. He has that special click when he hits it."

On whether Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise should be suspended (for fooling umpires on a dropped catch on Tuesday): "It really isn't the honor system out there [on the field]. We have arbiters who are out there to determine whether or not a guy gets hit by a pitch, whether a guy checks his swing or swings, and whether a guy makes a catch or doesn't."

On whether he's in favor of instant replay?: "Yes, totally. I think we should do everything possible to get it right."

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