Will Sox clinch at Yankee Stadium?

September, 25, 2009

NEW YORK -- It could almost be viewed as baseball's version of sacrilege.

The very real possibility exists that the Red Sox could clinch their fifth postseason spot in the six years since Terry Francona became their manager on Yankee Stadium soil. Even if this isn't the exact ground where the Yankees played from 1923 to 2008, it would still be quite a spectacle to watch the Boston Red Sox celebrating at Yankee Stadium.

"Why would we not be happy if we go back to the playoffs?'' Francona said before Friday night's game. "As long as it's not choreographed. Sometimes it appears [that the celebrations] are made for TV. If it comes time to celebrate, do whatever you want to do.''

Boston concluded Friday's action with a magic number of three, meaning any combination of Red Sox victories and Texas Rangers losses equaling that amount would guarantee Boston's return to the playoffs.

ESPN's Pedro Gomez covered the Oakland A's home and away nearly every day from 1992-97 for the San Jose Mercury News and Sacramento Bee and then became the national baseball writer and later a general columnist at the Arizona Republic before becoming an ESPN bureau reporter in 2003.



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