Kurkjian: Sox just have to play better

May, 3, 2010

ESPN Baseball Insider Tim Kurkjian ran down the Red Sox’s problems on Monday morning’s SportsCenter and said he didn’t think the solutions would come externally (video above).

“They need to make some changes but with the current roster they are just going to have to hope the players they have start playing better,” he said.

Kurkjian pointed out problems with the Sox’s pitching (starters’ ERA is 4.96), offense (David Ortiz and Victor Martinez have a combined 13 RBIs) and even defense (second-most errors in American League).

He thinks things will get better for the seven-games-back Sox when Jacoby Ellsbury and Mike Cameron return from the disabled list in the coming weeks, but warned “they can’t afford to drop any further back” because the teams ahead of them -- the Rays and Yankees -- are as good as they are.

After you watch the video, take part in our interactive feature, where we ask you to rank the Red Sox's problems in the order of biggest to smallest. Here are the 10 to choose from:

-- Age catching up with Sox
-- David Ortiz hitting .159
-- Injuries to key players
-- Managerial decision-making
-- Personnel: Sox just don’t have the horses
-- Same division as Yankees, Rays
-- Second-most errors in AL
-- Starters' ERA at 4.96
-- Throwing out baserunners
-- Victor Martinez has just 7 RBIs



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