The Manny Match Game: 24 on No. 24

June, 17, 2010
Think you know Manny Ramirez, who comes to Boston this weekend for the first time since being traded by the Red Sox? Match the items in the right-hand column with the answers below. Follow this link for the answer key, and let us know how many you got right in the comments section.

1. Manny’s reported dinner companion after missing a game against the Yankees, and a subsequent doctor’s appointment.

2. Red Sox traveling secretary shoved to the floor by Manny in Houston.

3. Name of Manny’s high school in upper Manhattan.

4. Outfielder whose throw was cut off by Manny in one of his oddest plays ever.

5. Inspirational book Manny claimed to be reading in spring training.

6. Player for whom Red Sox were willing to trade Manny to Texas.

7. Part of the body Manny frequently cited as being hurt, making him unavailable to play.

8. Part of the body Red Sox administered MRIs on to demonstrate that neither one was hurt.

9. What Manny reportedly called team owner John W. Henry.

10. Place where Manny lived in Boston.

11. Female fertility drug taken by Manny which masks steroid use and was cited by MLB when Manny was suspended 50 games by the Dodgers.

12. Clubhouse attendant in Cleveland that Manny asked to be part of his original deal with Sox.

13. Item placed on eBay for auction by Manny.

14. Part of sign Manny held up during 2004 World Series celebration.

15. What Manny took behind the left-field wall.

16. Number of times study by Bill James said Manny didn’t hustle in 2003.

17. Suspended Manny one game for making a right turn to dugout not running out play against Devil Rays, as they were known at the time.

18. Rap song by Styles P played by Manny prior to an at-bat in Fenway Park.

19. Object Manny lost in headfirst slide during rehab assignment in Pawtucket.

20. Hobby for which Manny agreed to attend an event in Atlantic City, even though spring training already had begun.

21. Place where Manny went in full uniform 15 minutes before game in Pawtucket.

22. Person most often said to be ailing or dead, cited by Manny as reason to miss a game.

23. Pitcher who gave up Manny’s 500th home run.

24. Pitcher who gave up Manny’s walkoff home run in 2007 ALDS.

Follow this link for the answer key and our grading system, and let us know how many you got right in the comments section.

Gordon Edes

ESPN Staff Writer



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