Camp fires, Volume 3

February, 22, 2010
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The things you hear, hanging around camp:

1. The puck stops here: Tim Wakefield said he was on the edge of his seat, watching Team USA beat Canada in hockey Sunday night. Did Dustin Pedroia watch? “Hell, no,’’ he said. “I was watching 'Friday Night Lights'.”

2. Ultimate insider: The first person Terry Francona calls when he wants the lowdown on a new player coming to the team is the equipment manager of the player's former team.

“Clubbies give you the best scouting reports of anybody,’’ he said. “They’re the first ones to know.’’

3. Reunited, and it feels so good: With Manny Ramirez’s announcement that this will be his last year playing for the Dodgers -- he beat the Dodgers to the punch -- David Ortiz was asked about playing again with Ramirez.

“Why not?’’ Ortiz said. “I saw him in the Dominican. He’s got longer hair.”

4. Rookie mistake: At 37, Mike Cameron is the oldest position player on the Red Sox. But he voluntarily owned up to a faulty GPS Monday morning.

“I went to the ballpark,’’ he said, alluding to City of Palms Park, where the Sox train after two weeks at the minor league facility. “Nobody was there. I was a little nervous.’’

5. Paging Mr. Halladay: Ortiz may have less reason to cheer the departure of Roy Halladay from the AL East than his teammates. Ortiz hit six home runs off Halladay, the most he’s hit off any pitcher. The Sox play Halladay’s new team, the Phillies, in interleague play, so Ortiz may have the chance to add to his total.

Gordon Edes

ESPN Staff Writer



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