Simmons: Believer in 2010 Red Sox

February, 26, 2010
Sports Guy Bill Simmons had a marathon chat on today and answered several questions relating to the Red Sox. Check them out below and click here for the full transcript.

Ben in New York: Do you think the Red Sox will even make the playoffs this year?

Simmons: I've talked myself into the 2010 Red Sox. Gotta say, I liked what they did -- the more I'm looking at it, it's like the opposite of what the Pats did. This was a transition year for them (a little anyway) and they found a way to keep this year's team competitive while saving money flexibility for 2011 and beyond and also keeping the door open for an Adrian Gonzalez trade. Only question is whether this team will be fun to watch. We're headed for a lot of 2-1 and 3-2 games. Not saying it's a bad thing, I'm just not used to that for 6 months.

Doug in Southern California: How nervous are you about John Lackey folding under the pressure of playing for intense fans and media of Boston, rather than the laid back Angel fans and an LA press that only follows the Dodgers? Are you ready for the 6-8 weeks on the IR, and the manufactured intensity that doesn't really help in big games (see recent Angel playoff series). Game 7 of the '02 World Series was awesome, but were you ever scared as a Red Sox fan of having to face him?

Simmons: I gotta say, Angels fans have made me VERY nervous about the Lackey Era. None of them seemed sad that he left, all of them thought he got overpaid, and none of them seemed to trust him. I hate spending big money for a guy whose old fan base basically says, "Good riddance!" And I liked the Lackey signing. But this is stressing me out. Leave me alone, Angels fans.

Ryan from Southborough, Mass.: Odds David Ortiz gets at least 30 HRs and 100 RBIs next year?

Simmons: I'd say even. His power numbers for June-July-Aug-Sept were basically there. By the way, we're not allowed to discuss RBI anymore - the stat nazis have declared that they no longer matter.

Shane in Detroit: You wrote Damon off as on his way to washed up when he joined the Yankees. How do you feel he will contribute in Detroit?

Simmons: I thought he was the best winter bargain when you consider Abreu got 2 years for $19 million... Damon got 1 year for $8 million... which guy would you rather have? I wish the Sox had him at that price over Mike Cameron.



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