The Dustin "Diss" a Pedroia selling point

January, 3, 2011
BOSTON -- The latest edition of Baseball America arrived Monday, with a full-page ad featuring Dustin Pedroia inside.

The ad, for New Balance baseball, shows Pedroia sitting on top of a bench in a deserted dugout, wearing a practice jersey, baseball pants and a pair of New Balance cleats. His cap is turned backward, he's holding a bat at the ready, and the expression on his face suggests a man ready to rumble.

Here's the text:

"Tell me I'm 5 foot nothing
Tell me I'll be nothing
Tell me I'm just a nice story.

Tell me my first year was a fluke.
That my second year was a fluke.
That I'm a sentimental All-Star.
Three times.

Tell me an athlete can't make a difference.
How precious my time is.

Tell us what we can't do.
Tell us who we can't be.
One of us is gonna be right."

OK, then.



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