Spinners' latest promotion: Human HR

February, 8, 2011
The always-creative Lowell Spinners, the Red Sox’s Single-A affiliate, have come up with another fun promotion this summer: The Human Home Run.

After the Spinners game on July 5, stunt man David Smith, Jr. will be shot from a cannon placed at home plate over the infield to a net placed just past second base (so in that sense, it’s more like the human pop fly, but impressive nonetheless).

The record for human cannonball flight is 185 feet, 10 inches (held by Smith’s father, incidentally), so you can see why the Spinners aren’t trying to send Smith over the outfield wall, which has to be in excess of 300 feet from home plate.

The stunt will be followed by a fireworks display.

Group tickets for all 2011 Spinners home games are on sale now. Individual tickets for all home games begins March 15 at www.lowellspinners.com.



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