Youkilis won't miss rigors of first base

February, 15, 2011
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- If Sean Casey was the ”Mayor,” I asked Kevin Youkilis, how would he describe himself in terms of socializing over at first base?

“God, I’d have to say I was a lobbyist,’’ Youkilis said Tuesday. “I had to butter them up when they needed to be buttered up, and I didn’t want to talk when we were getting killed.

“It was fine. I’m not going to miss it, because there’s nothing worse when you’re getting beat, like, 13-1, and you’re at first base and everybody keeps getting hits – ‘way to swing it, that was a really good approach’ -- and you’re sitting there, like, ‘God, why don’t you just get out. I want to go home. We just got our butts kicked, I’m ready to get home, tomorrow’s another day, I’m ready to get at ‘em.’

“No, I won’t miss that. Third base, you get a little interaction, but first base, holding on runners absolutely stinks. I hated holding on runners. Hot games, stuff like that, I’m waiting for Tito to say, ‘Play behind.’ Ah, it’s a fun position.’’

I then asked Youkilis how aggravating Carl Crawford was when he got on base.

“It’s great, I’ve known CC for so long at first base it’s fun just to ... I know when he’s going. He’d tell me when he was going, practically. He’d tell me, ‘I’m staying here, I’m going to let him hit.’ It’s not like I relay signs to the manager, because it really doesn’t matter half the time, he just takes off and his athletic ability takes over.

“It was interesting to hear why he doesn’t run in certain situations and why he does. He understands the game pretty well, which is pretty cool, when you sit back and watch. It was fun to talk to him over there. I’ve know him since API in Arizona for so long that it’s always fun to see him on the basepaths.

“But it’s always good, too, because I don’t have to hold him on, because he’s usually gone after the first pitch.’’

Gordon Edes

ESPN Staff Writer



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