Cameron, Green Monster have already met

December, 16, 2009

BOSTON -- During his introductory news conference with the Boston Red Sox, Mike Cameron said he's hoping to put some dents in the Green Monster.

Presumably he was talking about with his bat, though he did relay a humorous note about running into the left-field wall during a visit to Fenway Park.

"I know that wall doesn't move," Cameron joked. "I ran into it in 2001. It doesn't budge at all. I need to be a little more comfortable going to that part of the field."

But if Cameron is to essentially replace Jason Bay in the outfield -- regardless of which spot he ultimately plays -- is he also capable of replacing Bay's offensive production?

Cameron is a lifetime .250 hitter with 265 home runs in 15 major league seasons. He hit .250 with a .342 on-base percentage last season in Milwaukee, hitting 24 home runs and driving in 70 runs for the Milwaukee Brewers.

"We have a lot of high on-base [percentage] guys throughout the lineup," Sox general manager Theo Epstein said. "Mike's a guy who hits 20 to 25 home runs consistently, he's right up there, and you can't take him lightly. ... He's primarily a pull guy, which fits perfectly at Fenway. Like he said, [he can] put some dents in the wall, or over it. He sees a lot of pitches, takes pitches. He strikes out a lot, but that doesn't scare us, so have a lot of productive hitters here. Strikeouts are OK as long as they come, as they often do, with walks and home runs. And, in Mike's case, they certainly do."



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