Video: BBTN catches up with Francona

March, 1, 2010
Red Sox manager Terry Francona talked to Baseball Tonight’s Steve Berthiaume about his team’s offseason improvements on defense and defended his lineup.

“We lost a big bat in Jason Bay,” Francona said. "I think we’re hoping that we have a lot of balance, having Victor Martinez all year, having David Ortiz swing the bat like he can [will help]. There are no assurances in anything, we know that. ... Every decision we make isn’t always right. Every manager you talk to is going to feel good about their team … but I think we have legitimate reason to be optimistic.

Francona talked about David Ortiz’s season-opening slump last season and discussed getting him more at bats this spring. He also said he wouldn't put a timetable on how long he would give Ortiz to bounce back should he start slowly again this season.

“We're walking a fine line," Francona said. "We want David to forget what happened last year, but even I catch myself reminding him ‘Hey don’t worry about it.’ Well we’re reminding him of it. I just don’t think it’s healthy to go into a season [saying], ‘Hey if you start out horrible’, that’s probably not best for anyone’s psyche.”

Watch the full clip below.



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