Video: Did the Red Sox go after Jeter?

March, 27, 2011

In the Sunday Conversation video above, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter discusses his impressions of the 2011 Red Sox and has an interesting answer to a question from interviewer Karl Ravech on whether the Red Sox pursued him this offseason. If you remember, Jeter was a free agent and negotiations between he and the Yankees tuned a little sour before a deal was finally struck.

Check out the video above and the transcript below and decide for yourself whether he was just having some fun or if there was a hint of truth to his remarks. Leave your take in the comments section of this blog entry.

Ravech: "[The Red Sox] apparently went after Mariano [Rivera this offseason]. Why didn't they go after Jeter?"

Jeter: "How do you know?"

Ravech: "Did they?"

Jeter (with a smile): "I wouldn't even answer that question. But, like I said, [New York] is the only place I wanted to play."



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