Francona 'aggravated' by Showalter comments

March, 27, 2011
Terry Francona's initial response to Buck Showalter's criticism of Boston Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein was diplomatic, saying he hadn't seen the comments and didn't care to respond.

But given more time to read Showalter's comments, Francona is "aggravated" and says the Baltimore Orioles manager was out of line taking a swipe at his boss, according to reports.

On Thursday, Francona played down Showalter's comments to Men's Journal, in which Showalter suggested Epstein's success as Red Sox GM had more to do with his team's deep pockets than his baseball acumen. Francona said he hadn't seen the story and added that he thought Epstein was pretty smart.

Sunday, Francona had more to say.

"I got asked that the other day and I hadn't seen it. I got it third-hand and I kind of joked about it a little bit. Then I read it and actually I was kind of aggravated a little bit," Francona said Sunday, according to reports. "I don't think that's anybody's place. That's my boss. I was actually kind of aggravated a little bit. It's not the end of the world but I thought he shouldn't have done it.

"I just thought that was a little bit out of line," Francona added. "I don't think he'd be appreciating if I said something about Andy [MacPhail, the Orioles' GM], which I wouldn't," Francona said. "It's none of my business. And for the record, I think Andy's really good."

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