A Nation in crisis?

April, 7, 2011
Renown Red Sox fan Bill Simmons is on a Twitter strike until the Red Sox win, but many other Red Sox fans are tweeting their frustrations about this unfathomable 0-6 start. Here is a sampling (searching the #redsox hashtag) from the hour after their latest setback, Thursday’s 1-0 loss to the Indians.

@RedSoxUk: My optimism has finally died. Never have I dreaded playing the Yankees. I do now..... #redsox

@RedSoxRedShoes: People in Cleveland were laughing at us. Cleveland. Let that sink in for a while. Cleveland. #RedSox

@Jared_Carrabis: The #RedSox are making it really difficult for me to go out in public without making me want to tape everyone's mouthes shut.

@pwire: Is there any chance the baseball season can shutdown with the government? #redsox

@kknapp1: The #RedSox are getting an early jump on breaking my heart this season. #RedSoxNation

@carmcolangelo: Man the #redsox are killing me right now. How can a team with so much talent start 0-6

@dave_gogel: #RedSox another L 2day not saying the whole city is freakin out..but the whole city is freakin out..get it together(NY sweep would be nice)

@sox1918: They're ruining my Summah!! #redsox

@yazdog8: Apparently the third highest payroll in @mlb can buy you everything but a win. #redsox #losing

@timothyyjohn: its actually funny how many different ways the #RedSox have found to lose. still not worried but losing 6 in a row is always #embarrassing

@mreededwards: Rather than thinking the Sox are 0-6, I'm trying to convince myself they're just about to start a 156 game season. #redsox

@mattsetsfire: I wouldn't be surprised at all if the home crowd boos them, they deserve it the way they are playing #redsox

@archer823: I wouldn't be shocked if people booed at the home opener tomorrow. 0-6 is pretty terrible #redsox

@JonCouture: For once, glad the #Yankees are in town for the home opener. A tall order, but winning 2 out of 3 washes most of this week away.

@mikekhaley: The AL East standings are upside down. #MLB #Orioles #BlueJays #Yankees #Rays #RedSox.



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