Miami's amazing hoops graduation video

May, 13, 2013
In case you missed it, basketball was a pretty big deal at Miami this spring. Jim Larranaga's team won the ACC and made a deep run into the NCAA tournament; along the way it embarrassed Duke as thoroughly and mercilessly as Duke has ever been embarrassed. It was a remarkably successful season.

It was no surprise, then, to see the goofy, quirky portion of Miami's commencement have a basketball tie-in, not to mention guest appearances from Sebastian the Ibis and Larranaga. It was a bit surprising to see the actual finished product, via Norlander, which might just be the greatest thing of all-time.

It is tempting to go shot-by-shot here. Frankly, I'd like the equivalent of Paul Feig discussing the making of Freaks and Geeks; I want to know every detail of this video's origin. From Mr. and Mrs. Ibis to the shot that intentionally cuts Larranaga and then Miami president Donna Shalala out of the frame (one is tall and one is short, you see), to the subtitles for Sebastian's gestures, to the music, to "special effects" on President Shalala's "dunk" -- it's all perfect.

It feels like a really well-made parody of, well, something. I'm not sure what. A 1980s sports movie montage? A comedy sketch? An infomercial? All three? None of the above? I might be spending too much time thinking about this ...




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