Officials talk about that famous one second

December, 6, 2009
ARLINGTON, Texas -- Walt Anderson, the coordinator of the Big 12 conference football officials, explained the procedure for putting one second back on the clock in Texas' dramatic 13-12 win over Nebraska.

Here's the lowdown:

* First, the officials must determine if it's a reviewable play. And anything involving the clock at the end of the game is reviewable.

* Then, officials must look at the replay and determine when the football hits something. It isn't enough that it crosses the plane of the sidelines. By rule, the ball has to hit something to stop the clock.

"It hit the railing over there by one of those suites that are on the ground level," Anderson said. "It may have bounced around a little bit, too. Once we saw it hit something, that was the point at which we stopped the clock."

* Anderson said the clock operators are told to keep the clock going until they see the signal. So that's why time can go off after the fact. He said there was nothing wrong with the Cowboys Stadium clock.

* It was a Big 12 official on the clock, so don't get any crazy ideas that a TCU fan or something was hitting the button up there.



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