Plenty of good seats, some bad ones

December, 19, 2009
ARLINGTON, Texas -- The estimate is more than 30,000 in attendance for the inaugural basketball game at Cowboys Stadium between No. 2 Texas and No. 10 North Carolina.

There's plenty of good seats to be sure with the temporary seating system in place around all four sides of the raised court. But, there are some bad seats, too. You don't want be in the permanent seats in the corners or in the second set of temporary seating in the end zones. The view from those spots is incredibly obstructed and, quite frankly, a waste of money.

The highest deck of seating is curtained off, making the 300 level the last stop. And, really, it's not a bad view from that level, which went for $50 a ticket, plus taxes and service charges.

The seating available for this game will be very similar for the NBA All-Star Game in February, other than that the upper deck will be open. NBA representative are here, checking out sight lines and obstructed views as well as looking for spots where additional seating might work.



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