OSU's Gundy sits CB Cox for violating rules

January, 1, 2010
So much for Oklahoma State senior cornerback and return specialist Perrish Cox proving he's matured beyond making bad personal decisions. Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy announced that Cox will not play against Ole Miss in Saturday’s AT&T Cotton Bowl because he violated team rules.

Earlier in the week Cox spoke openly about poor decisions he had made such as not going to class when he first arrived on campus, and other decisions that ultimately affected his play on the field. Gundy had said that he believed Cox had matured. Of course, at the moment, we don't know what actions have led Gundy to suspend Cox, a touted NFL prospect, for his final game at OSU, but presumably the action was not a good one.

Here's what Cox had said about maturing during his time at OSU:

"Me as a whole, football player, as a person, has grown up. I’ve learned a lot in my life since I’ve been there [Oklahoma State], about school, going to class, things that’ll hurt me off the field can lead to things that happens on the field, so there’s a lot of things that I learned about, a lot of small things that I had to correct and it came about for me being a better person overall," Cox said.

"When I first came here, I used to not really go to class as much -- didn’t think it was going to harm me in a way. But I found out the hard way. I’ve been through all the negatives, you know. I used to have to run almost every day for missing those classes. You know just as a whole and then on the field, those things that I corrected off the field, they helped me on the field, to be a better learner, go watch film more, a lot of small things that have helped me as a person."



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