Would Pac-10 become Pac-12?

February, 10, 2010
A story in the San Francisco Chronicle today by Ray Ratto discusses the fact that the Pac 10 will have to consider expansion. Ratto lists Utah and BYU as two natural candidates to join the conference. Part of his article:

We say Utah and BYU because they meet all the conference's stated criteria. Natural rivals, geographically desirable, academically compatible, and blah blah blah. The truth is, Utah and BYU are money generators, and on this side of the Rockies, they make the most sense. More, in any manner of thinking, than Nevada and Fresno State, or Colorado and Colorado State, or TCU and New Mexico, or any other candidates one can conjure.

There are rumors that the two likeliest targets are Utah and Colorado, but it seems safe to say that Utah would be happier maintaining its rivalry with BYU than trying to create a new one.

What would that mean for the Mountain West Conference and TCU? Of course, if all of this movement also takes place in the Big 10, it could mean things could fall into place to shift TCU somewhere else. Who knows? It's all speculation at this point anyway. But it's interesting to talk about.

If you were BYU or Utah, would you go to the Pac 10?



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