Knight's bench is long and red

March, 10, 2010
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Pat Knight must have one of the largest coaching staffs on record. Looking at their bench, the players are outnumbered by Knight and seven staff members seated on either side of him. All of them are wearing (as they do for every game) the same red, short-sleeve golf shirt.

Knight and most of his assistants are wearing dark slacks. One coach, assistant Chris Beard, is wearing grey slacks and another has gone with all-purpose khakis.

Knight isn't a fan of wearing the traditional suit on the bench. But, why the golf shirt?

"I have a contract with Under Armour," Knight said, adding that the Big 12 does not allow coaches to wear corporate lapel pins so a sport coat won't work (remember when every coach seemed to wear a Nike swoosh or Reebok logo lapel pin?)

Plus, Knight continued: "I pattern myself after football coaches. You don't see them with coats and ties on the sidelines, it's a golf shirt or a sweatshirt. So I just like to be comfortable. If it was up to me, George Raveling did the greatest thing when he was at Iowa. They all wore sweatsuits, matching sweatsuits when he coached at Iowa."

Matching sweatsuits?

"His whole thing was, 'This is what I wear in practice, why wouldn't I wear in practice, what I coach in 99 percent of the time, why wouldn't I wear that for games?' I think if guys want to wear suits, fine. But I don't see the reason for it. We're coaches. I'm not a model. I'm just fortunate enough that my university allows me to wear casual attire, but a lot of it has to do with Under Armour."

Trivia question: Remember the corporate sponsor Bob Knight wore on his red Tech sweaters?: O'Reilly's Auto Parts.



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