At 25-6, could Baylor be undefeated?

March, 12, 2010
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Baylor Bears have lost six games this season and none by more than seven points and by an average of five points ('s John Hollinger would do back flips over the Bears' 12.3 point-differential).

The Baylor media relations department has done the research and says Baylor is the lone Division I team that has not lost any of its games by more than seven points.

So, how close were the Bears to running the table? The answer is actually not that far away, and considering Baylor is No. 8 in the RPI, that's saying something.

Take a look at the scores and the time left in Baylor's six losses:

Opponent, Final score (Anyone's game?)
Alabama, 79-76 (74-71, :42)
Colorado, 78-71 (74-68, :48)
Kansas, 81-75 (71-69, 1:37)
K-State, 76-74 (74-74, :19)
Texas A&M, 78-71 (72-70, :37)
Okla. State, 82-75 (77-72, :52)

With Baylor's 3-point shooting ability, you can make a case the Bears weren't out of any of those games. Now, Colorado had Baylor beaten and it would have taken a heck of a late flurry at Oklahoma State, but in the other five, it's anyone's game.

It would figure that tonight's 8:30 p.m. Big 12 tournament semifinal matching No. 3 Baylor against No. 2 Kansas State will be another fight to the wire, even in front of a highly partisan Kansas State crowd.

"It's a situation where we have two very good teams, two teams in the RPI's top 10 in the country," Baylor coach Scott Drew said. "Last time it was a great game, came down to the final nine seconds, and probably it will do the exact same thing (tonight) if we play well. If we don't play well, then we don't have a chance."

Actually, the numbers show that's not exactly true.



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