Notre Dame's Kelly breathes sigh of relief

June, 15, 2010
Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly was quite candid to Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine following Monday's announcement that the Big 12 would survive as a 10-team league.

The highlight:
"I was very excited to hear that Texas held together the Big 10 or Big 12 or whatever you're calling it. I thought that was pretty telling," Kelly said. "Obviously, if Texas goes to the Pac-10, there's a chance that there are super conferences and they'll cast a big shadow -- I would have been nervous whether we could've stayed on the sidelines. Now, if things stablize, nothing really happened in the Pac-10 if you look at it: USC Trojans went on probation, the best quarterback got kicked off the Oregon Ducks team and they took the Colorado Buffaloes. That's not such a big deal for me. The Nebraska Cornhuskers went to the Big Ten. Nothing else occurred for me to be nervous. Texas was obviously a huge piece."



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