Griffin not in Dallas, but progressing

July, 26, 2010
IRVING, Texas -- One of the most important players in the Big 12 conference this season was not at The Westin Hotel on Monday for media day. Robert Griffin III didn't make the trip with coach Art Briles because Briles said he wanted other players to tell their stories. And, he noted, Griffin did the media tour last season.

So we couldn't ask Griffin himself how he was feeling. But Briles said he's been pleased by Griffin's progress, though he won't no for sure if Griffin is 100 percent until the first snap of the regular season.

"He's really done exactly what we thought he would do," Briles said. "When you get something taken away from you, you respond two different ways. You can pout, complain, sulk, cry and fall into a shell, or you fight, you grind, you have vision, you have hope and you work harder than you've every worked in your life. That's what Robert has done and that's what we knew he would do."

Briles said Griffin weighs 217 pounds, up nine pounds from where he was a year ago.

"Everything he's done since his injury has been [in] a structured atmosphere," Briles said. "So in that structured atmosphere, he's really in great shape."

Briles acknowledged that there's no way to tell if Griffin has completely returned to form until he gets on the field.

"That's how you determine where you're physically is when you make movements without your brain working first," Briles said. "And so that's the thing that I think we'll see as the season goes along. But from a physical standpoint right now, he's in really good shape."



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