Gundy: Dez Bryant is serious about football

July, 27, 2010
IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant might like to return to his Oklahoma State Cowboys now that they're implementing a pass-intensive, spread offense designed to get the football in the hands of its playmakers.

While Bryant is in San Antonio beginning his first NFL training camp, his former coach, Mike Gundy, gave him a strong endorsement during Day 2 of Big 12 Media Days. In barely 24 hours in the area, Gundy said he's already seen how excited the city is about Bryant's potential.

"The last few days, obviously, there's been more attention on Dez. It doesn't surprise me. Dez has a way of gaining and gathering your attention; his personality, he's very outgoing, his smile," Gundy said. "He's very serious about football. I don't think that's ever been a question with Dez Bryant -- his drive to have success when he crosses the white lines, there's no question about it. He is not going to be intimidated by anybody at any time, and whatever he has to do in order to have success on that field he's going to do it."

Is that seriousness and his determination not to be intimidated by anyone at any time, the reason why the rookie refused to take part in a little NFL training camp tradition and carry veteran teammates Roy Williams' shoulder pads?

"Well, that's hard for me to comment on. I don't know what goes on. I don't know Roy Williams. I don't know what goes on," Gundy said. "I don't really think it's important for me to comment on that. I think the only thing that's important or maybe what you're looking for is he is serious about football and he doesn't like distractions. Dez got caught up in a difficult situation [at Oklahoma State with Deion Sanders], made a poor decision and paid a very dear price for it. But, I don't think anybody's ever questioned his want to have success on the field and his willingness to pay the price in practice and do whatever it takes to give himself a chance to have success."



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