Robert Griffin: Baylor's patience rewarded

September, 8, 2010
Baylor coach Art Briles was pleased with the play of quarterback Robert Griffin

"He did what we wanted him to do early," Briles said in his weekly press conference. "I thought he really played well early. I thought he gave us a spark and made some good plays."

Griffin talked about staying patient against a team clearly trying to stop the run, as Sam Houston State tried to do.

"You have to be patient; you can't press," Giffin said. "We watched teams that had played (Sam Houston State) last year and they torched them because they tried to play those similar schemes and sometimes they went soft. We just wanted to come out and be ourselves and do what we do - not try to just run verticals the whole game. We did that for a little bit and it just wasn't working, so we tried to just go back to what we normally do. The way they were playing, so tight, it took away a lot of the shorter throws and you had to go vertically and that is why we had a lot of drive-killers with dropped balls and incomplete passes. You won't really see a team do that consistently every down and if they do we will be ready to go because we have seen it before."

Griffin sure talks like an experienced quarterback and one focused on the task at hand. Look for more of the same against Buffalo this weekend.



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