Idaho coach did not vote TCU No. 1

January, 12, 2011
The mystery as to which coach voted TCU No. 1 has centered around Idaho coach Robb Akey, because he had ranked TCU No. 1 at the end of the regular season.

But it was not Akey.

"It was me at the end of the regular season and I thought they deserved to be there, so I voted him there for a reason because they continued to answer the challenge," Akey said. "But I’m a team guy and we said the winner of the national game would be No. 1."

Akey said his preseason poll had Alabama, Ohio State and Boise State ahead of the Horned Frogs, who came in at No. 4. So when the other three teams lost, Akey put TCU at No. 1 and didn't see anything that he felt should change his mind.

"I was surprised I was the only one in the previous poll that voted them No. 1," Akey said. "I would have thought a few folks would have given them the attention and respect for that."

Akey was impressed by TCU's performance in the Rose Bowl.

"I thought they played their tails off," Akey said. "I was excited for them. I thought that was one of the hotter teams in the country they beat that day too in Wisconsin. You go in and win the granddaddy of them all, that’s a big deal."

So who could have done it? We still don't know. But it wasn't Akey,.



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