New UT QB charged with recovering swagger

July, 25, 2011

DALLAS -- Texas coach Mack Brown opted not to bring quarterback Garrett Gilbert to greet the media. He stayed in Austin. The big question is will Gilbert stay on the sideline in 2011?

Brown said the team lost its swagger last season and the No. 1 criteria for next season's starting quarterback is leadership.

"We want someone who can get the swagger back," Brown said, "and make sure the that the rest of the kids know that this person's going to lead them to victory."

Texas will not name a starting quarterback going into fall camp. Four quarterbacks will battle it out to become the first starter under Brown to have to pull a Texas team out from under a sub-.500 season.

"By not naming a starter," Brown said, "we hope it puts a tremendous amount of pressure on all four of them to become a leader."

The second criteria Brown mentioned is not turning the ball over, a constant issue last season. Brown said when the offense falters, the play-caller gets criticized and the quarterback gets criticized.

Well, Brown took care of the play-caller (Greg Davis). We'll see if the Longhorns have a new quarterback, too.



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