SMU head coach favors plus-one playoff

July, 25, 2011
FORT WORTH, Texas -- When asked about his thoughts on the current BCS system at the Texas High School Coaches Association Coaching School, SMU head coach June Jones jokingly said, "I'm supposed to have no comment on that."

But Jones did make a few comments on the matter, supporting a one-game playoff after what is currently the BCS Championship game.

"Let's look at the last three years at that final game that they claimed was the national championship," Jones said. "If there was one more game, there would be no discussion on who the best team was every year. It seems to me there is enough to just formulate a system using the existing bowls and rotate it for that one extra game."

If the non-automatic qualifying Mustangs could put together an undefeated season, like Boise State, TCU and Utah have done in recent years, they would automatically be put into the argument of teams to test the winner of the BCS No. 1-vs.-No. 2 game with out having to have that automatic bid.

While he didn't stick with "no comment," Jones gave his opinion with a few laughs and the disclaimer that he was trying to dodge the question as best he could.

"That's just me, but that will get shot down I assure you," Jones said.
Travis L. Brown covers high schools for He is a graduate of TCU, where he was sports editor of the student paper, The Daily Skiff.

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