Does RGIII make Baylor BCS attractive?

December, 4, 2011

Baylor's impressive win over Texas means the Bears finish the 2011 season at 9-3. They lost to Texas A&M and Oklahoma State on the road in consecutive weeks in October and lost 36-35 to Kansas State in Manhattan on Oct. 1.

For the Bears to be eligible for a BCS at-large berth, they must rise from No. 17 to No. 14 in the BCS rankings. It's possible, but like TCU, they need some help.

But should the Bears manage to work their way up -- and they'd probably need Michigan State, Georgia and Oklahoma or Houston to drop past them to do it (without Clemson or someone jumping in front of them) -- Robert Griffin III makes them attractive.

Would Baylor be attractive enough for a BCS at-large bid? It's a long shot. But if they are eligible, would a bowl (such as the Sugar, for instance) be more inclined to take Baylor and RGIII over Kansas State? K-State would likely bring more folks, but if Michigan is in the Sugar Bowl, wouldn't a Denard Robinson vs. Griffin matchup be better for TV? Would Baylor go ahead of K-State despite the Wildcats being higher ranked and having beaten the Bears?

"K-State beat Baylor and has fewer losses, so that's a tough one," ESPN BCS expert Brad Edwards said. "They also have a bigger fan base. I have a hard time seeing a bowl do that."

Again, none of this is even possible unless Baylor can climb up to No. 14. Just something to think about.



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